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Today, on Thursday the 15th of April, TheToken.Network will launch the world’s first DeFi enabled car financing liquidity pool. Interested users are still able to supply their dream vehicle on and receive an unbeatable offer depending on availability.

While the whole world is talking and discussing the potential of DeFi in real world use cases outside of the crypto ecosystem, TTNCars powered by the $TTN Token, is providing a live product based on all relevant aspects of real DeFi solutions. …

TheToken.Network ($TTN) community is proud to announce its newest member, Mr. Horst Bennin, who has an incredible track record in the finance industry. Some of his most notable positions include:

  • Fund Manager at Unico Investment Fund Management
  • Senior Capital Markets Analyst with Banque Leu Luxembourg
  • Head of Investment Strategy Private Banking with Commerzbank International Luxembourg
  • Director & Head Active Advisory Team with UBS Luxembourg S.A.
  • Head of Investment HQ Holding GmbH (Quandt Family)

Mr. Bennin is a frequent speaker regarding global finance at investment conferences in the DACH region and internationally. He also holds Degrees in Real Estate Finance and…

The lending market has been and remains one of the major drivers in DeFi. Hundreds of projects exist and are created on a daily basis trying to build a sustainable ecosystem balancing lending and staking.

TheToken.Network is proud to include a completely new aspect by using your crypto assets to finance your real world needs while not having to sell your precious crypto. Many of us in the crypto community know the moment when a certain financial need arises and you have to decide if you sell parts or all of your accumulated crypto. TheToken.Network will now offer upon the…

Mr. Buffett was never completely right with his take on the crypto world, but now it’s safe to say he is completely wrong.

One of the major criticisms that Cryptocurrencies received from old economy is, that it does not have any real value. While that is in large parts a very debatable statement for many tokens which actually do have utility and thereby have value, one might admit certain truth to this view on many tokens on the market. …

Today, TheToken.Network (TTN) is proud to announce its cooperation with Core X Group to realize an unique blockchain-driven gaming experience with the development of “Open Quest”, a dark fantasy RPG.

Our partner Core X Group has over 15 years experience in game development and publishing. One of the key success factors of “Open Quest” will be Gregor Koch as creative director, who has worked for Acclaim and Crytek, most famously on the smash hit “FarCry”.

The development of “Open Quest” will be one of three real world use cases of TheToken.Network’s initial liquidity pool. The world of multiplayer online RPG’s…

The first DeFi project connecting DeFi liquidity to real world use cases. Tokenize assets and receive liquidity. Hold and Stake TheToken.Network Pay (TTNP) token and provide liquidity earning interest and asset collateral.

Instead of exposing yourself to volatile token liquidity pools receiving various types of worthless food token, TheToken.Network offers a much more value oriented approach in today's pump and dump DeFi environment. Every TheToken.Network token held and staked is backed by a mix of stable coins as well as valuable assets tokenized by platform users.

Users of our platform will be able to tokenize their assets in TTNP and…


TheToken.Network is the leading DeFi project connecting cryptocurrency liquidity pools to real world financial solutions

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