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As announced in our community, TheToken.Network team is working on a transition to a “new” TTN. We will provide an easy to use interface for users with DeFi and Crypto knowledge but also aiming at total newbies ! The goal is to provide maximum yield and passive income with minimal risks and highest level of security.

How does TTN V2 work?

We generate yield by providing liquidity to liquidity pools (LPs) in decentralized exchanges over various networks. The goal is to shift and move liquidity always aiming to generate the highest yield currently possible.

What makes TTN V2 special?

The backend of the system is steered by AI analyzing the trading volume and liquidity of currently 34 different DEXs (decentralized Exchanges) over 4 different networks. The AI detects high trading volume on lower liquidity and therefore higher trading fee percentages. Accordingly, liquidity is moved and provided to benefit of advantageous parameters.

Risk & Reward

TTN V2 will offer 3 levels of yield strategies. Most important and of high interest to the main stream market is the “NO RISK” LP. Here, we provide liquidity only in stablecoin pairs, essentially trading US Dollar vs US Dollar (e.g. USDT/USDC). This strategy eliminates the risk of impermanent loss due to the strong price fluctuation of a deposited asset. However, the expected yield is lower than in riskier scenarios. During our ongoing trial however, we managed to average 17.8% APY with intelligent routing! This is a great return of a FIAT currency equivalent invested. At this rate, $200,000 USD invested create a passive income of $35,400 USD per year or $2966 USD per month.

In the “MEDIUM RISK” tier, users can choose to provide liquidity in major Crypto asset pairs which are automatically routed via our AI to ensure maximum yield with minimum risk. This tier will provide liquidity within the Top 100 market cap cryptocurrencies and USD. The expected APY range is 20–60% depending on outside factors, especially trading volume and volatility.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of which risk tier users choose, there will only be one asset needed to invest, one of the following major stablecoins: USDT, USDC or BUSD. Simple, easy and efficient!

The “HIGH RISK” tier is looking for very low liquidity pools having exponentially high trading volumes. This typically occurs with smaller cap and/or new listed coins. The risk/reward ratio is extremely lucrative with current estimated APYs ranging as high as 300% or more. However, there is a considerable risk due to impermanent loss as these coins tend to be extremely volatile. We aim to counter this by adapting as fast as possible to unfavorable price development as our AI tracks the coin and the pool in real time with under 3 seconds reaction time at the moment. In the future, the AI will be able to react even instantly on certain trades executed.

How will we grow our Platform and Liquidity?

Learning from our experience with our first attempt of a referral system, we believe that we have found a method to highly incentivize referrals and reward referrers and at the same time, not cut a single cent of the initial new liquidity provided! The new TTN V2 referral system will be truly sustainable and offer benefits on a totally unique level.

The principle is easy, referral rewards will be subtracted only of positive yield profits made by the referred user. We are currently developing a structure which will allow referrers to profit and earn passive income with infinite depth. So you will not only earn on your direct referrals but also from their referrals and so on! Another huge incentive here is, that these payments have no time limit! As long as your referral and their referrals generate profit on the platform, you receive your share of said profits. Ideally growing every day and providing an excellent passive income source.

Full details on the TTN V2 referral system will be published in the upcoming days ahead of the launch of V2.




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